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FREE e-books in the series 'Pure Maths' have just been released.

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Pure Maths - Part One - Differential Calculus(1.275 MB)
Pure Maths - Part Two - Integration (945 KB)
Pure Maths - Part Three - Algebra (1.546 MB)
Pure Maths - Part Four - Trigonometry (1.024 MB)
Pure Maths - Part Five - Sequences & Series (565 KB)
Pure Maths - Part Six - Coordinate Geometry (824 KB)
Pure Maths - Part Seven - Vectors (532 KB)

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FREE e-books in the series 'Mechanics' just released.

Mechanics - Part One - Linear Motion (663 KB)
Mechanics - Part Two - 2D Motion(670 KB)
Mechanics - Part Three - Kinetics(866 KB)
Mechanics - Part Four - Momentum & Impulse (477 KB)
Mechanics - Part Five - Statics (672 KB)

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Google Books Library

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Mechanics for A-level - Bostock & Chandler

Mechanics for Advanced Level
by Bostock & Chandler


mechanics - by Adams,Haighton & Trim

Mechanics: Core Book
by Adams, Haighton & Trim


pure maths - martin,brown,rigby,riley

Pure Mathematics
by Martin,Brown,Rigby & Riley


A Concise Course in Statistics by Crawshaw & Chambers

An Advanced Course in Statistics
by Crawshaw & Chambers


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Introducing the A-level Maths Tutor Google Books Library. Here you can view large chunks of maths textbooks within this site as part of their preview.

This is a major resource that will help your revision. If you need to view more worked examples for a particular topic or look at a topic again from a different perspective, then your time here will be well spent.

The library is still in its infancy, with only a handful of books at present. However as time passes it will grow into a major resource in its own right.